Ditte und Matthias - Alaro

Lieber Steve, vom ersten Tag an war es ein vergnügliches Unterfangen: wir stolperten als Touristen in Euer Büro in Alaro, neugierig, was es wohl für kleinere käufliche Immobilien in Alaro gäbe. Dort wurden wir sehr freundlich aufgenommen und unsere Urlaubsidee einer eigenen Immobilie durchaus ernst genommen, vielleicht sogar ernster als wir es in diesem Moment selber taten. Es begann ein munteres gemeinsames Suchen, in mehreren Urlauben wurde besichtigt, zwischendurch interessante Objekte gemailt und allmählig wurde es ernst. Seit ein paar Tagen sind wir stolze Besitzer eines Stadthauses im Zentrum von Alaro und es hat uns die Zusammenarbeit mit Dir und Deiner Kollegin Nicole viel Spaß gemacht. Immer kompetent, schnell errreichbar, mit klugen Vorschlägen, mit viel Engagement und lustigen Einlagen wurde es für uns ein schönes und aufregendes Abenteuer mit einem sehr erfolgreichen und glücklichen Ausgang.
So sollten immer Träume verwirklicht werden!  Wir lernten dabei sehr viele nette Leute kennen und schätzen, so dass wir uns nun auf unsere neue zweite Heimat freuen. Dabei wissen wir Euch und Eure guten Beziehungen immer an unserer Seite!

Dafür vergeben wir glatte ***** ! Ganz herzlichen Dank dafür besonders an Dich, lieber Steve !

Ditte und Matthias

Steven Green - Alaro

In what proved to be a particularly complex sale of a country house, I found Mariano and the team, at Living Blue, to be consummate professionals, efficient and courteous. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Sebastien Comont - Soller

A pleasure to visit properties with Alain. He clearly understood our expectations. And his outgoing/fun personality comes as a big plus! Definitely the agent to recommend!

Nicolas van Parijs - Port de Soller

Alain was super nice, professional and friendly!He completely understood our needs and we re sure he will find us what we re looking for!

Maria Hernandez - Consell

Queria darle las gracias a todo el equipo de living blue mallorca, en especial a Mariano por toda su atención, Nicole y Claudio, ya que se portaron genial. Sin ninguna duda, volvería a contar con ellos si tuviera que vender o comprarme otra casa. Muchas gracias a todos, estoy super contenta.

Jaime B.

Mariano ha demostrado que es un magnífico profesional, a la vez que muy amable y cercano. Le confiamos el alquiler de una vivienda en Consell y rápidamente encontró en su cartera de clientes las personas adecuadas para la casa. Quedamos encantados del servicio. Muy recomendable.

Juan Carlos - Cas Catalá

100% recomendados!

Me puse en contacto con ellos por una casa que tenían en cartera y desde el primer minuto me atendieron de manera muy profesional, increíble amabilidad y paciencia. Muchas gracias Ana!
Finalmente, no sólo me consiguieron la casa que yo quería, sino que además consiguieron vender en tiempo récord mi vivienda. La gran diferencia entre Living Blue y otras inmobiliarias, es que tu vivienda no es un producto más que compite con otras ′X′ viviendas de la misma zona...sinó que comercializan tu vivienda de manera personalizada y única; se acuerdan de ti y te recomiendan a sus clientes..con lo que uno cuenta con más probabilidades de vender su propiedad.


Si algún dia tuviera que hacer algún otro tipo de operación de compraventa, me volveré a poner en contacto con ellos.

Dean and Charlotte - Santa Maria

We chose to work with Living Blue who are a specialist property agent for the central area of Mallorca. Previously, we were aware of Living Blue from our time on the island but had never worked with Living Blue in the past. A challenging set of circumstances prior to our engagement with Living Blue led us to switch property agent, and search for another property. Mariano Perez was assigned to work with us.

Over a period of five months we worked with Mariano and Living Blue. This included the founder-owner of Living Blue, Mandy. We cannot recommend highly enough the level of service we received from Mariano and the Living Blue team. We built an amazing working relationship with Mariano who was an absolute professional and listened carefully to our needs with great consideration. Mariano informed us of all facts and proposed creative resolutions to some of the questions we had whilst also maintaining an excellent working relationship with the Seller. Mariano was always "on it" and we never had to chase him. When Mariano said he′d update us with new information or answer questions, we always knew Mariano would reply promptly with good advice. This helped us overcome a few hurdles quickly and decisively. Mariano has helped us realize a three year dream come to reality and its no overstatement to say, Mariano walked us through the buying process every step of the way to ensure things went as smoothly as possible which they did, including the exchange at the Notary with the Sellers. Mariano spent quality time to understand us both as people as well as Clients for Living Blue.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mariano and the Living Blue team. We are thankful for their professionalism, knowledge and customer service. We cannot recommend highly enough to any new potential Client who may be thinking of working with the Living Blue team. First class service! Great people to work with!

Dean y Charlotte

Annick - Binissalem

Very professional agency that does not only sell properties but support you in all the various steps of purchase with lots of empathy and time given beyond their responsabilities, special thanks to Petra who has been amazing and to her team.

Valerie - Pina

After many trials and tribulations we finallly closed on our house in Pina with the help and hard work of Adriana and Living Blue! With her perpetual smile and winning personality, Adriana was there offering her expertise every step of the way.  A highly professional agency, we unequivocally recommend Living Blue

U.Miebach - Puigpunyent

Grosses Kompliment für den super professionellen Service und die liebevolle Unterstützung beim Kauf! Ein fettes Dankeschön an das ganze Team!

Verushka - Marratxi

Very happy with Ana from Living Blue. Very helpful and pleasant. Great sell and great buy!


My husband and I spent may years looking for a town house in Mallorca. On each visit to the beautiful island Petra from Living Blue helped us with our search. Petra knew exactly what we were looking for and spent time showing us excellent examples. Even though our budget was at the lower end of the scale, Petra treated us with the same respect as she would millionaires. Petra was very understanding, thoughtful and honest and took time to listen to both our desires and concerns. A truly lovely lady and a true credit to Living Blue. Thank you..

Stefan K. - Binissalem

.............Lieber „Claudio“ G. Herbener,

Deiner Geduld,
Deiner Zuverlässigkeit, Deiner inneren und äußeren Ruhe (wenn ich Emotional wurde),
Deiner perfekten Organisation vor und während den Besichtigungen,
Deiner Flexibilität,
Deiner Ehrlichkeit und liebenswerten Menschlichkeit,

haben wir mit Dir nach zwei Jahren der gemeinsamen Suche unser TRAUMHAUS gefunden.

Du bist ein „Freund“ und „Partner“ der einem hilft das richtige Haus / Objekt zu finden und niemand der den Sanierungsfall als beste Option anbietet.

Auch nach dem Kauf fühlt man sich als Kunde bei Dir sehr gut aufgehoben und Du hilfst wo immer es in Deinen Möglichkeiten steht, Außergewöhnlich.

Ebenso dem gesamten Team von Living Blue möchten wir nochmals unseren Herzlichen Dank aussprechen.

Höflichkeit und Zuverlässigkeit steht ganz oben beim TEAM von Living Blue.

Binissalem, Claudia&Stefan&Line&Lucia&Lotta&Oma

Jeremy Hall

One of the best agent experiences. Thoughtful, honest and proactive. Ana is great. Recommend.

Rob V. - Portol

We had the luck & pleasure that Ana from Living Blue took care of us, after we requested for a house viewing which was finaly not the house what fitted us. She invited us to their office, listened to our wishes and selected a couple of houses for a viewing. The first one she selected is now OUR dream house. The perfect match for us and although the travel from the first viewing till the final buying, was not always that easy, Ana took always perfect care of us, our emotions, not pushy at all but only helpfull. She gives you really the feeling "we" look for the perfect house. She always react very prompt and we only can advice, when you are looking for a house, Ana from living blue is the one who should taking care for you. Once more thank you very much Ana, highly appreciated the coorporation!

Gillian B.

Petra from this company did a good job showing me around different properties I would highly recommend this company.

Maria M.

Queríamos dar las gracias a todo el equipo de Living Blue por la profesionalidad y amabilidad pero sobre todo a Mariano porque ha sido muy servicial, simpático, agradable, muy profesional y en todo momento pendiente de nosotros llamándonos por si teníamos alguna duda y ha conseguido que estuviéramos en todo momento muy cómodos y muy tranquilos con la operación de la compra. Es el mejor comercial que hemos conocido en toda nuestra trayectoria de muchos años de comprar y vender propiedades. 

Esperamos seguir en contacto. Un cordial saludo.

Per Oscar Johansen

In our recent process of purchasing a property on Mallorca, the representatives of Living Blue were exceptionally helpful, professional and pleasant. They were always knowledgeable, available and responsive. They showed us a number of properties that were within the parameters we required, and they went far beyond expected boundaries in helping us. We highly recommend their services if you are searching for a property on Mallorca.

Ariane C.

Excellent communication and follow-through, thanks Petra! Here′s hoping we can find the right property together.

Deborah J.

Steve Keller from Living Blue in Alaro listened carefully and meticulously to our requirements and produced a short list of fantastic properties that matched our aspirations perfectly. We were expertly guided through the viewings and ultimately the purchase process. We are very grateful for all the professional and friendly advice and support we received. Buying a house abroad is a complicated and daunting undertaking and we couldn′t have succeeded without Living Blue′s help. We are very much looking forward to moving into our new home in Alaro.

Stefan K. - Alaro

Vor drei Jahren haben wir unser Haus mit LivingBlue gekauft. Unser Makler hatte genau das richtige Gespür für unsere Bedürfnisse als Familie. Die Abwicklung war extrem schnell und effizient. Kann ich nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

David L.

We were looked after by Steve at living blue. He really understood the brief and went out of his way to find properties initially across lots of different types and then once we knew what wanted found us the perfect property. I would highly recommend Steve and living blue.

Ben Evans

We received excellent service from Mariano at Living Blue. He went out of his way to understand our needs and help us find the right place for us, fast.

Annick - Santa Maria

My experience with Living Blue Mallorca at the end is excellent not only because they do carry lots of nice properties if you are looking for fincas or houses with character, but the person in charge, Petra, in Santa Maria was understanding my personality my lifestyle and my needs to clarify what would fit me best and not trying to push a sale for money making but rather guiding the future buyer to be happy with his decision. Kindest, Annick

D Horsman - Santa Maria del Cami

A highly efficient company, Living Blue combines a deep knowledge of the local market with a sales team of charmers prepared to go the extra mile on all manner of details. Have yet to conclude a sale with them but have every confidence that all the necessary due diligence and administrative backroom work will be undertaken with the same efficiency and attention to detail as their front of house.

J. Ballantyne - Consell

I would recommend Living Blue. Had many more viewings from them than any other estate agent. Happy to have sold now with them!

Family Jones - Alaro

Steve Keller from Living Blue in Alaro listened carefully and meticulously to our requirements and produced a short list of fantastic properties that matched our aspirations perfectly. We were expertly guided through the viewings and ultimately the purchase process. We are very grateful for all the professional and friendly advice and support we received. Buying a house abroad is a complicated and daunting undertaking and we couldn′t have succeeded without Living Blue′s help. We are very much looking forward to moving into our new home in Alaro

Maria Fernanda - Orient

Dear Living Blue,  In the month of February this year I contacted you since I was scanning the house market in Mallorca, and specifically the area of Alaro with surrounding villages. It was your agent Adriana who answered to my inquiry and her service and professionalism when showing me some 10 (or more?) houses during the intense period of 1 ½ weeks was far more than what I could have asked for or expected. She was efficient, friendly and with her eye for details was quick to read my wishes and preferences for a future house.   Five months later I am the happy owner of one of the houses she showed me and I’d like to express my appreciation for the service, support and kindness through the entire process - from the viewing to the signing and even after that.   Adriana’s kind and professional attitude has been a great support in this sometimes rather difficult process, and I’d say that with her on board you have an excellent representative. I thank you and her for an excellent service and handling.     With kind regards,  Maria Fernanda

Familie Theissen - Esporles

Meinem Mann,  meiner Familie und mir ist es nun zum Schluss des ganzen Procederes ein Anliegen Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass wir uns für die doch zähen und aufwändigen Verhandlungen zwischen Don Carlos und Herrn Rode bedanken möchten. Ohne Herrn Rode wären wir jetzt nicht am Ziel, er hat sich als empathischen und taktisch intelligenten Vermittler  profiliert! Darüberhinaus war er stets freundlich, hilfsbereit und klug! Dafür gebührt ihm unser Dank und werden ihn und Ihr Haus weiterempfehlen! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, E. Theißen 

Gloria - Santa Maria del Cami

Queríamos dar las gracias a todo el equipo de Living Blue por la profesionalidad y amabilidad pero sobre todo a Mariano porque ha sido muy servicial, simpático, agradable, muy profesional y en todo momento pendiente de nosotros llamándonos por si teníamos alguna duda y ha conseguido que estuviéramos en todo momento muy cómodos y muy tranquilos con la operación de la compra. Es el mejor comercial que hemos conocido en toda nuestra trayectoria de muchos años de comprar y vender propiedades.

Esperamos seguir en contacto. Un cordial saludo.

Gloria Nicolás


Hi Steve,  Thanks for a fantastic day. Not only did we see a lot of beautiful houses, but we also felt very comfortable with your expertise, your input/guidance and your honest approach. We used different agents in the past and let me tell you that it rarely happens that we feel at ease with the guy/girl as we did with you. No matter which house it will be in the end, it is a lot of money for us what will have to be spent and it makes it easier to have someone as knowledgeable as you to discuss some ideas with.  Thanks again for a lovely day. Patrick

Baran and Jada - Costitx

We thought it appropriate to send a review of the wonderful experience that we had with Adriana in the search and purchase of our new home in Mallorca.


Adriana was very professional and well-informed. She would go above and beyond our expectations. She felt almost instantly like a friend, which made the viewings and decision-making much more fun. Her positive energy is contagious and she is extremely good at her job. We were impressed by how well she listened to us and understand perfectly what properties would suit us best. She was flexible and willing to work around our busy schedules and she was conscious of our health and tiredness levels when we had done enough viewings for one day. She even brought us fresh apples once. Her excitement for us to find a home made the process a memorable one and we will recommend her to everyone because we know how adaptable she is to clients’ needs.


We trust her very much and appreciate having had her help in starting the next chapter of our lives. We are grateful and couldn’t have asked for someone better. Living Blue is very lucky to have Adriana!


Muchas gracias por todo!


Baran and Jada in Costitx

Colin and Margaret - Alaro

We are very pleased with our new house in Alaró and would like to thank you and your team at Living Blue for all of your hard work in making it possible. We would especially like to thank Claudio G for suggesting a property which we had completely missed on our searches and for his professional and friendly manner while resolving a number of issues.


Familie Ahrens - Alaro

Zwar verspätet, aber nicht weniger herzlich möchten wir Ihnen und allen an unserem Hausverkauf beteiligten Mitarbeitern für die gute Zusammenarbeit während der letzten Zeit danken. Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrem Team auch in Zukunft weiter viel Erfolg und nette Käufer und Kunden.  Herzliche Grüße. Familie Ahrens

Maritina Fullana - Alaró

Hemos tenido dos ocasiones de tratar con la agencia Inmobiliaria Living Blue Mallorca y hemos recibido siempre un trato perfecto y reconocer que tienen una extensa cartera de clientes lo que facilita las ventas. Gracias.  Bartolome Rotger y Maritina Fullana

Vanessa - Alaró

I recently had a fantastic experience buying a property in Mallorca through Living Blue. There were lots of challenges (buying from the UK) and circumstances were unusual. Mariano′s support and professional care made it possible, he was reliable, helpful, trustworthy and relaxed, especially in the inevitable stressful moments. I would completely recommend Mariano Perez Calo, Living Blue, and their lawyers, if you would like to find your dream home in Mallorca. 

Maria - Biniali

Hola Mandy!Solo queria darte las gracias por vuestro buen servicio y amabilidad, a ti y todos los componentes. Hasta siempre. Saludos y abrazos.Maria🥂

Günther y Anita

Vor fast 3 Jahren entschlossen wir uns, unser Dorfhaus in Alaro aus Altersgründen zu verkaufen. Auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Immobilienbüro wurden wir durch die ausgezeichnete Präsentation des Büros im Internet auf Living Blue in Alaro aufmerksam. Auch die Präsentation der angebotenen Objekte entsprach unseren Vorstellungen.  Deshalb beauftragten wir Ihr Büro mit dem Verkauf unserer Immobilie.  Letztes Jahr haben wir den Vorverkaufsvertrag unterschrieben. Leider verzögerte sich die Protokollierung beim Notar um ein Jahr, nachdem die alte escritura nicht dem neuesten Bauzustand der Immobilie entsprach.  Haus und Grundstück mußten neu vermessen und geschätzt werden, eine neue escritura mußte beantragt und notariell protokolliert und im Grundbuch eingetragen werden. Alles konnte zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit von Ihrem Büro geregelt werden.  Hervorheben möchten wir vor allem die Professionalität der Chefin, Mandy Fletling. Viel Verständnis und immer ein offenes Ohr für all unsere Fragen hatte sowohl Frau Manzke als auch Herr Herbener.  Wir wollen uns hiermit nochmals herzlich bedanken und können Ihr Büro nur weiterempfehlen.


Liebes Living-Blue-Team,   zum "Best Property Agent 2018" kann ich nur herzlich gratulieren und dies bestätigen :)))   Liebe Grüße einer Kundin aus 2016 Jutta Brenzinger

Alice B. - Binissalem

Through Living Blue Mallorca I have found my new, beautiful home! I am so grateful for their commitment to my course, their unwavering support, professionalism and heartfelt involvement on my behalf which extended far beyond agent, client relationship. Dealing with Mrs. Fletling , the owner and the entire crew was really a pleasure, I thoroughly recommend their services. They have also a hugely comprehensive portfolio, I have just stuck with them ad it was so worth it ! 

Stefano V.

Dear Adriana , Mandy and Nicole, I wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas and thank you for the wonderful job you have done assisting me. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Volker M. - Sineu


Liebes Living-Blue Team,

nach dem gestrigen erfolgreichen Notartermin möchten wir uns nochmals sehr herzlich für die engagierte, geduldige, professionelle & stets hilfreiche Unterstützung beim Verkauf unserer Finca bedanken.

Es hat etwas länger gedauert & dadurch konnten wir sie gut kennen lernen- es war uns ein Vergnügen .

Wir werden sie als Team & jede Einzelne in bester Erinnerung behalten & gerne und jederzeit weiterempfehlen!!

Con muchos saludos !

David and Annie

We just want to say thank you again to you and the team at Living Blue for your efforts in getting the purchase of the Binissalem house completed. We′re delighted with the purchase.  In particular we must especially thank Petra, who has an excellent way of dealing with people and was so much better than the many people we dealt with from other ‘inmobilarias’ in Mallorca. She is a very big asset to Living Blue.


Great company owned and managed by extremely competent and trustworthy people. Most highly recommended.


 I wanted to tell you that you have a truly great way of dealing with your clients , attitude and groundedness!- and professionalism too!! Thank you!

Jules - Alaro

Thanks to the help of the team at Living Blue we are now proud owners of a beautiful house in Alaro. The process was complex & required many hours of ‘detective work’ to get everything order which we are very grateful for.

They were with us every step of the way & I would highly recommend Living Blue to anyone wanting to buy a home on this lovely island.

Familie Kickelbick - Mancor de la Vall

Liebes „Super“-Team!

Wir nennen Sie mit gutem Grund so, da wir von ihrer Kompetenz und Effizienz sehr beeindruckt waren, und sie den Hausverkauf zu einem überraschend schnellen Abschluss zu beiderseitiger Zufriedenheit gebracht haben - eine mehr als glückliche „Win-Win“ Situation. Wir danken Ihnen nochmals für ihren Einsatz und professionelle Abwicklung und werden Sie für die Zukunft jederzeit wärmstens weiterempfehlen. Wir wünschen dem gesamten Team frohe und gesegnete Weihnachten und für das Neue Jahr viel ,viel Glück,Erfolg und positive Erfahrungen


Ihre Uschi und Karl Kickelbick

Concha - Haus in Alaro

Después de varios intentos de vender nuestra casa en los últimos años con diferentes interlocutores, sin éxito, contactamos con Mandy y su equipo que en algo mas de 7 meses lo han logrado, destacando su gran profesionalidad y saber hacer...


Un placer haber gestionado este complicado y en ocasiones duro proceso pero lo hemos conseguido gracias a Living Blue. Mi enhorabuena a Mandy, Mary y Nicole y muchos éxitos en el futuro !!

Andreas - Alaro

Dear Living Blue Team,


We would like to thank all of you - and especially Petra - for the thorough guidance in the quest for our new home.
We found your approach very professional and personal at the same time. We will recommend your office to all our friends looking for houses on Mallorca and especially Alaró.
Thank you very much and once settled, we would like to invite you to enjoy the views from the terrace of our new home with a glass of wine from our neighbour and tapas.

Daniel V. - Alaró

Meine Frau und ich möchten uns sehr herzlich für Ihre Bemühungen und Anstrengungen bedanken! Wir haben uns bei Ihnen in sehr guten Händen gefühlt. Sofern wir von Freunden gefragt werden, werden wir Sie jederzeit wärmstens weiter empfehlen.

Dario G. - Alaro

A truly smooth and hassle free experience with Living Blue Mallorca. The staff is professional and helpful beyond expectations.

Jennie - Alaro

Thank you very much for your patience & advice. I would especially like to say how helpful Mary has been throughout this process. 

Antonia - Alaro

Gracias por todo Mandy. Enhorabuena, a ti y a tu equipo también: habéis hecho un buen trabajo y sin vuestra ayuda esto no habría sido posible. Os estamos muy agradecidos.

Familie Kessler - Alaro

Mandy and her Living Blue are a very helpful team and very knowledgeable about the area of Alaro. After understanding our requirements, Mandy presented matching candidate properties very quickly and guided as through the selection more as an advisor and not a commission focused sales person. Living herself in Alaro, knowing all the local stakeholders and speaking the mother tongue of course, helped tremendously after we identified our final target. Mandy and our solicitor from Palma worked hand in hand to secure the property in a complex transaction and her support is continuing since then for easing our settling in. We are grateful that our friend introduced us to Alaro, Living Blue and Mandy and recommend working with her and her team.

Mari Cruz - Santa Maria

La venta de nuestra casa se presentaba complicada y gracias al buen hacer de Living Blue conseguimos finalizarla con éxito. Fueron muy profesionales, estando siempre disponibles y atendiendo a nuestras peticiones con rapidez.  Su equipo de profesionales nos ha proporcionado un trato cercano y tan humano que nos reconfortaba en una tarea tan dura como la de vender tu propia casa. Muchas gracias a Mandy, Nicole y Petra.

Ana G. - Alaró

Bewertungen schreiben, ist ja kein einfaches Unterfangen. Normalerweise würde man jetzt hinschreiben, wie perfekt alles war, wie glatt alles gelaufen ist, wie professionell Mandy, Claudio überhaupt das gesamte Team ist. Es ist auch so!!! Aber das ist ja am Ende nicht DAS Entscheidende, weil man das alles durchaus erwarten darf. Wenn man aber so einen wichtigen Schritt macht, dann will man ja 150%iges Vertrauen, die Gewissheit, da guckt einer mit Genauigkeit drauf, das Gefühl, man macht das Richtige, die Aufmunterung am Ende eines Tages per Mail oder Call, das gemeinsame Durchhalten, die Empathie und Freude darüber, wenn alles unter Dach (!) und Fach ist - es ist wie bei allem im Leben: auf die Details kommt es an. Und Mandy ist perfekt und professionell bis hin zu den Details. Und wenn es sich so perfekt und easy anfühlt, dann wiederholen wir das doch einfach nochmal zusammen (später). Danke Mandy!!!

Leah Moon - Alaro

Thanks to Living Blue and their professionalism and knowledge, the purchase of our house in Alaro went very smoothly. They were very helpful and readily available to answer questions and help to navigate any issue that arose. I would recommend the team at Living Blue to anyone interested in property on Mallorca.

Rosario Ferraz - Alaró

Me ha encantado el trabajo y el trato recibido por Mandy durante todo el proceso de venta de mi casa en Alaro. Con profesionales así da gusto trabajar!!!!



Liam Bresitz - Alaro

Thanks for all your help and assistance through the house search and buying process - I would have no hesitation in recommending you! All the best, Liam.



Familie Schröder - Santa Maria

Das Immobilienbüro Living Blue, Frau Fletling, hat uns bei der Suche unserer Traumimmobilie zu jeder Zeit aktiv unterstützt und diese letztendlich auch gefunden. Auch nach Abschluss des Vertrages bis zur endgültigen Fertigstellung bzw. Bezug der Immobilie, hatte Frau Fletling immer ein offenes Ohr für unsere Sorgen und Wünsche. Wir würden uns jederzeit wieder für Living Blue entscheiden. 

Liebe Grüsse aus Santa Maria

Familie Schröder


Tanni Richardson - Sineu

I looked at houses with Mandy for about a year before we found our house. She is very good at getting in contact with you when something comes up that might be of interest and understood what i was looking for straight away.

The final buying process was as smooth as it could be for both us and the house owner and we are very happy with all the help we received. Thank you again!



Ana und Andy - Alaró

Mandy at Living Blue was fantastic in the process of buying our house in Alaro. It was a complex process, but she managed to steady the ship every day, instilling both buyer and seller with confidence that the sale would go through. It was a dream to buy this wonderful home and with a lot of belief, hard work and tenacity we all made it happen. Thank you Mandy. 

Anna - Es Puig, Alaro


Axel Schäfer - Inca

Sehr professioneller, freundlicher und kompetenter Makler. Wir haben uns nicht nur bis zum Kauf durch Living Blue sondern auch lange darüber hinaus sehr gut betreut gefühlt. Empfehlenswert !


Mirko Rastig - Bunyola

Sehr guter Service wir waren sehr zufrieden und würden jederzeit wieder Living Blue Mallorca beauftragen ein Haus für uns zu suchen!!!


Ana B. - Alaró

I′ve spent weeks talking to agents that didn´t seem to care or listen, before I found Livig Blue Mallorca. Mandy from Living Blue Mallorca took the time to LISTEN and understand my needs, and found me the perfect house. Very professional. I highly recommend them.


Renate K. - Can Pastilla

Nach einer gefühlt unendlichen Zeit des Suchens und den damit verbundenen stressigen aber immer wieder sehr schönen Aufenthalten auf Mallorca hatten wir im sprichwörtlichen Sinne, knapp 16 Stunden vor unserem Rückflug, Ambitionen waren schon begraben, ein letztes Objekt besichtigt. Dies überwältigte uns so sehr, sodass einem Erwerb nichts mehr im Wege stand. Frau Mandy Fletling engagierte sich und begleitete uns  Neulinge in einer Weise, auch nach dem Kauf, welche nicht alltäglich ist.


Wir sind immer noch begeisterte Neu-Besitzer und können immer wieder Frau Mandy Fletling und das Team von Living Blue weiter empfehlen. Fam. Kujawa