The Team

Living Blue Mallorca står för en speciell livsstil som gör vår ö unik. Det vackra blå havet och den blå himlen bidra till att befria oss från vardags rutinerna,och att ge oss en underbar känsla av frihet och livskvalitet. Living Blue Mallorca är din partner vid försäljning , inköp och långtids uthyrning av fastigheter runt hela ön.


Bortsett från vår försäljning och uthyrning,av fastigheter erbjuder vi även våra tjänster som personlig fastighets letare. Marknaden verkar ofta full av listade fastigheter , men ditt drömhus är inte bland dem? Detta händer många människor. Bortsett från våra online listor har vi ett urval av fastigheter som inte är officiellt noterade på marknaden ,på grund av ägarnas begäran om diskretion. Genom att använda vår personliga fastighetsletar tjänst har många människor redan hittat sitt drömhus.


Living Blue Mallorca stöder dig från allra första telefonsamtalet genom hela köp,sälj eller hyres processen; inklusive visningar, förhandlingar och avtal. Även efter det att avtal ingåtts för att säkerställa ett smidigt tillträde till ditt nya hem.


Vi ser fram emot att träffa dig.

Mandy Fletling - Managing Director

Mandy Fletling has studied business management in Barcelona and has been living in Spain since 1999 and in Mallorca since 2003, where she spent 7 years working for a well-established real estate agency in the south-west of the island. Before opening her own real estate agency, she took a time out in Mexico to study yoga and meditation. After returning to Mallorca, she and her husband Claudio Martínez founded her own Living Blue Mallorca in 2012. With just the right mix of heart, competence and understanding and together with a motivated, international team, she managed to turn Living Blue to the market leader in the area within only a few years, currently running three offices, one in the idyllic village of Alaró, the other one in Santa Maria del Cami and since spring 2019 a third office opened up in the pictoresque harbour of Port de Soller. She also chose Alaró as the place to live with her husband and children after living in Palma for several years, because she was magically attracted by this special place at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, especially by its famous twin mountains. In her spare time, she still does yoga regularly and enjoys the amazing nature with her children, husband and animals.


Claudio Martinez - Managing Partner

Claudio Martinez studied managment and marketing, at the University of Monterrey, Mexico and came to Mallorca to be with the woman he loves. He lives on a finca in Alaró and spends his leisure time with his family and anmilas, sports and vegetable growing.


Claudio is the creative head of Living Blue and together with his wife he in charge of the management in general and strategic decision makings.


Nicole Manzke - Contract Manager

Nicole Manzke har arbetat i Mallorcas fastighetsmarknaden sedan 2006. Hon tar hand om våra företagskontakter, de köpare, säljare och även hanterar försäljning och uthyrningsverksamhet.


För sex år har hon rest världen som en flygvärdinna för "Deutsche Lufthansa" och sedan studerat lingvistik och filologi vid universitetet i Barcelona. Efter att ha arbetat i Barcelona för ett par år inom event management, flyttade hon till Mallorca 9 år sedan, där hon började arbeta i en känd advokatbyrå, innan hon bytte till förvaltningen departementet en etablerad, ansedd fastighetsförmedling. År 2014 började hon laget av Living Blue.


Fru Manzke talar flytande tyska, engelska och spanska och professionellt stöd för ledningen inom alla områden. Bortsett från att ha förvärvat nya egenskaper, värderingar, visningar och beredningar av kontrakt, är hon involverad i vår första klassens kundservice som inkluderar förändringen över av vatten och el kontrakt och applikationer för telefon och internet. 

Sofia Justino Oliveira – Lead Managment

Sofia Justino Oliveira has Portuguese roots but was born and raised in Germany. After completing her business education, she gained some years of professional experience at two renowned banks in Frankfurt am Main. In 2001, however, she moved to the south, so she lives and works since then in Mallorca.


Her passion for architecture and especially for characterful fincas has taken her to the real estate world. For many years she worked as an executive management assistant at one of the famous construction companies on the island and now, she works at Living Blue Mallorca as a sales assistant, helps the sales team to find the individual dream property for each client.


Sofia Justino Oliveira speaks Portuguese, German, Spanish and English and especially loves the variety of nationalities in Mallorca and the direct and personal contact with the people. She draws strength from her family and most of all, she loves to reenergise her soul in nature.

Cristina Cardeña Madueño - Front Office Manager

Cristina Cardeña was born in Zurich, Switzerland to Spanish parents. She completed her studies in Zurich and worked for a few years in a travel agency. Her dream and passion was travelling, so she worked for many years as a tour guide for a prestigious tour operator. Cristina was travelling and working in several countries around the world such as Egypt, Maldives, Canary Islands and Greek islands and more.
She fell in love with the island of Mallorca where she has been living over 20 years in the beautiful north of the island, Alcudia. In her spare time she likes to read and take long walks on the beach, and at night she loves to observe the stars and constellations with her telescope.


Cristina recently joined our team and is based in our head office in Santa Maria del Cami. Her work consists of providing support to the team of property consultants, writing texts in various languages and managing the after sales service. Her mother tongue is Spanish and German, but she is also fluent in English, French, Italian and of course Schwyzerdütsch.

Mary Liedtke - Property Consultant - Alaro office

Mary Liedtke is German and lives in Mallorca/Alaro since 2000. He has worked for many years as a ′controller′ of big projects and speaks Spanish, English and German fluently.


Mary knows the island very well, as hiking is one of her great passions. She has this special sensitivity that allows her to easily recognize the deeper characteristics of each place, helping her enormously to find the most suitable property for our clients.


Claudio Gerardo Herbener - Property Consultant - Alaro office

Claudio Herbener was born in Buenos Aires but grew up in Germany. For 9 years now, he has been living in Alaró, Mallorca. Claudio is an electrical engineer and travel agent and has worked for renowned European companies in the aviation industry for more than 20 years. Later, he changed to real estate.


Claudio loves nature and practices kung fu and yoga and walking in the mountains. Another hobby of his is astronomy.


His mother tongues are German and Spanish, but he also speaks perfectly English.



Steve Keller - Property Consultant - Alaro office

Steve Keller was born in Bonn, Germany and lives with his family for over ten years in Alaró. The graduate of natural science and business administration knows the island like the back of his hand, has written several bestsellers about Mallorca and occasionally works as a hiking guide. His greatest passion, however, is the guitar, which he devotes himself to as often as possible in his free time.
Steve speaks German, English and Spanish, and diligently practices Catalan with his Mallorcan clients.


Manuela Barbetta - Property Consultant - Santa Maria del Cami office

Manuela has been living with her family in Mallorca for 14 years and speaks German, Spanish, Italian as well as English. She has been working for 7 years as a real estate agent. Creating the harmony between people and their new home on the island gives her a great satisfaction on her job. She says: "It is a privilege for me to live and work on Majorca and to raise my children in this wonderful place". Manuela loves the international ambience on the island and the unique mix of people, languages and cultures. In her spare time she likes to play tennis, enjoys horse riding and walking in the Majorcan nature.

Ana Martin McShane - Property Consultant - Santa Maria del Cami office

Ana is half Spanish and half Irish.  She was born and brought up in Barcelona, studied international Business Management  in England where she also worked for many years in several international roles in Customer Services, and Real Estate operations travelling all over the world.  She  moved back to Spain to continue with the role but without so much travel as her daughter was born.


She discovered her love for Mallorca after spending many holidays sailing with her family round the island which in turn prompted her to start her own charter sailing business in Mallorca in 2012.  After intensive searching she has made Alaró her new home.  Now having sold her charter business is enjoying the opportunity to find the perfect home for her clients.  She loves working with the Living Blue team because of their teamwork, fun and “can do” attitude.


Ana is bilingual in Spanish and English, speaks Catalan and enjoys any opportunity to speak Italian.


Claudio Rode - Property Consultant - Santa Maria del Cami office

Claudio Rode grew up in Uruguay but has been living in Mallorca since 1995. Here he has been working for 18 years in the real estate sector, spending most of his free time on his finca, located in the beautiful centre of the island, along with his wife and many four-legged friends (dogs, sheep, cats).


Claudio loves the country life, has a good sense of humor and is the perfect contact when it comes to rural properties on Mallorca.


He takes care of our clients perfectly in 3 languages: English, German and Spanish.


Mariano Peréz Caló - Property Consultant - Santa Maria del Cami office

Mariano Peréz Caló is our cosmopolitan. Born in Buenos Aires he studied agronomics to follow the family tradition. At the age of 25 years, he decided to take the opportunity to travel the world. The passionate surfer lived in California, Hawaii, Germany and even followed some waves to Costa Rica, Indonesia and Morocco before in 2004 he finally put down roots in the beautiful Island of Mallorca, where his two children were born. Thanks to his international experience he has a keen sense for all sorts of people and cultures. His mother tongue is Spanish, but his English is fluent as well. He might also attend our customers in German and Italian.


Petra Eurenius - Bostad konsult - Försäljning - Soller/Port de Soller

Petra Eurenius är svenska, och har levt större delen av sitt liv på Mallorca och i Alaró sedan 1992. Hon talar flytande engelska, spanska och svenska.


Petra har arbetat många år inom flyg- och båtvärlden och hon tar med sin entusiasm och kompetens för att hjälpa våra internationella kunder att hitta sitt drömhus i Mallorca.


Alain Gonzalez - Property Consultant - Soller/Port de Soller offices

Alain Gonzalez has studied real estate law in Paris where he was born. He discovered the island in 1996 when he came with his family on holidays and always knew he would call the island home.


With a strong interest in real estate business, he moved to Spain in 2000 and is living in Mallorca since 2007. He spent over 7 years working for two well-known real estate agencies. Alain loves traveling and has completed a round-the-world trip and several long trips in Asia.


After owning a B&B for a few years and now having sold the business, Alain is back to real estate with a lot of enthusiasm. In his free time, he truly enjoys cooking, hiking and scuba diving. His mother tongues are French and Spanish, but he also speaks perfectly English and is also fluent in German.

Kerstin Kleimann - Property Consultant - Soller/Port de Soller offices

Kerstin grew up in Berlin and studied business administration in Cologne, Germany after graduating from high school. In 2002 she came to Mallorca for the first time as part of a student exchange and has been enthusiastic about the island and the Majorcan way of life. She is particularly fond of the west of the island around Sóller. Here she finds everything her heart desires: numerous beautiful hiking routes in the Tramontana Mountains, the harbour flair of Port de Sóller, a large sandy beach and an almost always bright blue sky.


In her free time she enjoys yoga and spends as much time as possible with her husband and her two children in nature or on the water. Kerstin speaks English, French and Spanish fluently in addition to her mother tongue, German. She will be happy to help you selling your house or finding your dream property on the island.