Valldemossa: a refuge with inspiring charm

Valldemossa is a place of connections. In Valldemossa you connect with nature, with its picturesque alleys and mountainous landscapes, with its relaxed culture and in a special way with its charm. A charm that has inspired many famous artists and characters.

Don't miss out on everything you need to know about this romantic mountain village.

History and culture

Valldemossa is the literal translation of "Valley of Mussa" and owes its name to the Muslim influence of the year 711. It is located in the western part of the island, surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Tramuntana and is the most visited place in Mallorca, due to its natural beauty and artistic culture.

In the middle of the 19th century Chopin composed a good part of his famous preludes, which shaped his career, in the Charterhouse of Valldemossa and George Sand reflected on their bad experiences in the book "A Winter on Mallorca". It is currently a bestseller and you can find it translated into several languages in almost every store in the town.

When we talk about the culture of Valldemossa, we must not forget Costa Nord. This is the name Hollywood actor Michael Douglas gave to the contemporary cultural center he opened in the area. Not to forget his luxury finca; S’Estaca, which used to be the residence of Archduke Luis Salvador von Habsburg.

For the locals, Valldemossa also has a special value as the birthplace of the only saint on the island: Santa Catalina Tomás. You can currently visit her house in the village and the sanctuary in the Church of San Bartomeu.


Experience Valldemossa

It is clear that Valldemossa is characterized by its charm and romantic atmosphere. In fact, you can fall in love with just a walk through the beautiful cobblestone streets. Even so, there is a lot more to know about its legacy that reflects the history of the place:

Main cultural sights:

The Valldemossa Charterhouse.

It's not just any church, it's the most important building in Valldemossa. This is located in the Plaza de la Cartuja and was originally built as a palace by King Sancho. However, after Mendizábal was confiscated, it served as a guest house for writers such as Miguel de Unamuno, Rubén Darío and George Sand. It currently represents a huge monumental complex in which the church and the historical art collections of Miró and Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria stand out.

Frédéric Chopin and George Sand Museum.

The Chopin and Sand Museum is located in the Charterhouse, more precisely in cell number 4. This was the place where the French writer and Polish composer stayed in 1838. One of the most important objects is the original Pleyel piano that Chopin brought from Paris and sold to the Canut family from Mallorca.

Palace of King Sancho.

In the same Plaza de la Cartuja you can discover the palace of King Sancho. A fortress built by Jaime II on an Arab fortress at the beginning of the 14th century. A must-see and not to be missed the piano recitals held in the palace in honour of Chopin.

Gardens of King Juan Carlos.

When you leave the Charterhouse, discover the gardens of King Juan Carlos I, the most beautiful of Valldemossa. These gardens are located in the old courtyard of the monastery and in them you will find small sculptures of famous people who have walked through the city, such as: Chopin, Santiago Rusiñol or Archduke Luis Salvador himself.

Sa Miranda dels Lledoners viewpoint.

If you want to get the best view of the place, this is the place to visit. The view of the valley with the church of San Bartomeu in the background is simply spectacular. To get to the lookout point, walk down Calle Jovellanos and go through the stone gate.

San Bartomeu Church.

It's more than a church, it's a temple. Its construction dates back to the thirteenth century, and around this the place arose. The highlight inside is the chapel dedicated to the popular Santa Catalina Tomás. You can get there from Calle la Constitución.

Potato Pie Coca de Patata.

Another star of Valldemossa, in a culinary manifestation, is the potato coca. Many come to the place with the sole intention of trying these. It is a typical sweet coca that is mainly made from potatoes, eggs and sugar. We don't know the secret ingredient. We only know that the Cocas de Valldemossa are unique. The best are in Ca’n Molinas.


Many people decide to stay in Valldemossa and explore the Serra de Tramuntana on its diverse paths from here. One of the most famous excursion destinations is the "Puig des Teix", approx. 15 km long and moderately difficult, but with a wonderful view. Another simple one is the "Camí de S’Arxiduc"; an 8 km long circular route that leads through some of the most beautiful corners of Mallorca.

Port of Valldemossa.

Although Valldemossa is surrounded by the impressive Tramuntana Mountains, it also has a port!

It is a small fishing port next to a cove of stones and crystal clear waters, Cala Sa Marina, where an unknown beauty and absolute balance reign. It is not surprising that it has become the second home and summer vacation spot for many Valldemossins.

Prepare for an adventure to reach this magical enclave. It's only 6km from the place, but the walk can be quite a challenge. The road is very narrow and there are steep curves, so we recommend that you go down on foot.

Just because of the spectacular landscape, the tranquility and the privileged natural surroundings, a visit is definitely worth it.


Main events

  • Weekly market. Every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. you will find a large selection of fruit, vegetables, textiles, handicrafts, flowers ... Where? In the parking lot right next to the tourist office.

  • Feasts of Beata and Sant Bartomeu. They are the two most important festivals in Valldemossa. The beloved Santa Catalina Tomás will be honoured on July 28th with the “Beateta Procession”. And on August 24th, during the feast of Sant Bartomeu, the patron saint of Valldemossa, concerts and sporting events take place.

  • Chopin Festival. This festival is celebrated every Sunday in August in the cloister of the Cartuja. On these days, renowned international musicians play pieces by the Polish pianist in a magical nighttime atmosphere and leave an indelible memory on the audience.

  • Artdemossa. Every July Valldemossa celebrates its night art fair. During one night, the city is filled with musicians, artists, artisans and gastronomic delights to commemorate its artistic and cultural heritage. A wonderful and magical event.

How do I get there?

Although Valldemossa is one of those lovely corners where time doesn't seem to have passed, it's only a 20 minute drive from Palma! Find out about the distances and how to get there:

  • By car. Valldemossa is very close to the capital, in just 20 minutes you can reach Palma. The airport is only 25 minutes away and Son Espases University Hospital is 15 minutes away. To park the vehicle in Valldemossa, there are 3 parking spaces and further parking spaces on the street. Most of them have a parking meter, of course!

  • Bus. To get to Valldemossa by bus you need to take line 210, which leaves from Palma Intermodal Station every two hours and takes around 30 minutes.

  • Taxi. This option is faster than the bus, but of course also more expensive. From Palma to Valldemossa it takes around 20 minutes and the race costs between € 30 and € 35.


Living in Valldemossa

Those who visit Valldemossa always want to stay. And the peace, tranquility and beauty of Valldemossa, not far from Palma and international schools, make the quality of life of the place hard to surpass.

If you also want to live in one of the most exclusive locations in Mallorca, consider buying a house in Valldemossa.

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