Sóller, the valley of oranges in the Tramuntana.

Full of citrus fruits and located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, full of beauty and tradition and with a great sense of community: this is Sóller, the well-known "Valley of Oranges" on Mallorca.

Do not miss what this beautiful spot has to offer its visitors.


Northwest of Mallorca

In the northwest of Mallorca, nestled between the valleys and mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana, some of the most beautiful towns and villages of Mallorca are located. Among them, the “golden triangle” of Sóller, Valldemossa and Deià stands out, a true paradise for nature lovers, hikers and gourmets.

Sóller is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, dominated by the highest peak in Mallorca, the Puig Major. It is one of the most beautiful and authentic places on the island; where the mountains frame the sea and peace and quiet are in the air.


History and culture

The first traces of the history of Sóller originate from the Talayotic period between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. But if the Sollerics remember any historical date, it is May 11, 1561, when the Algerian and Turkish pirates invaded the village and the harbour of Sóller and were only defeated by the locals after several battles.

Little by little the city developed. At the end of the 19th century, when the area was still isolated from the rest of Mallorca by the mountains, Sóller became wealthy thanks to the great number of citrus fruits and the export of oranges from Port de Sóller to France. As a result, many locals emigrated to France and returned to the island with considerable fortunes, which they invested in the modernist buildings that can now be admired in the city centre.


1912 was an important year for Sóller. This year, for the first time, the Palma Railway linked the city with other places on the island for the benefit of trade. Finally, in 1997, the tunnel was inaugurated, crossing the mountain that had previously separated Sóller from the rest of the island, making life and import/export even easier for the residents.

Currently, Sóller is hiding a rich heritage in churches, monuments, mansions and museums. But the village also offers a remarkable sense of community. The Sollerics forge strong bonds with one another and generously welcome foreigners who share the value of the tranquillity and peace that the area offers.


Recommended events in Sóller

Sóller enjoys a vibrant cultural program and events that attract residents and tourists, from all over the island. In August, the Sollerics honour their patron saint Sant Bartomeu with extensive celebrations. If you visit the city during this week, you may experience a variety of activities such as concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions etc.

But there are also a lot of other, interesting events taking place in Sóller, for example:

  • Es Firo. If you want to relive the history of the city, make a note of this date: the Monday after the second Sunday in May. On this day Es Firó de Sóller is celebrated in memory of the pirate invasion in May 1561. To celebrate this, hundreds of “Sollerics” dress in typical Mallorcan costumes, hundreds more dress up as pirates / Moors and together they re-enact the various battles, between wine, music, cheers and rockets. A very colourful and fun show that shouldn't be missed.
  • Orange fair. As a sweet alternative, Sóller celebrates the orange market between the end of March and the beginning of April. On this day you can try different types of oranges, traditional Mallorcan recipes and liqueurs based on this delicious fruit. Various restaurants take part and to round off the celebration, there are activities for the whole family: yoga, handicrafts, etc.


Main activities in Sóller

Just walking through the streets is a real treat for the senses. The narrow streets, the Plaza de la Constitución and the majestic Sant Bartomeu Church are some of the main attractions of Sóller. But there is much more:

  • Train to Sóller. Another extraordinary alternative to the Sóller - Palma route (or vice versa) is the famous traditional railway, leading 27 km through the mountains. The ride on the famous and popular “Red Lightning” takes a little longer, but is definitely the option with the best view.

  • Soller tram. There is no better way to get from Sóller to Port de Sóller than by tram. In less than 15 minutes you can experience great contrasts: you will pass through the streets of the centre of Sóller, cross the citrus groves and orchards and pass in front of the sea.

  • Hiking and cycling. If there is the perfect place for hiking enthusiasts, this is Sóller. You can travel part of the GE-221, known as Ruta de Pedra en Sec, descend through the Na Mora ravine or stroll on authentic paths through dreamlike landscapes. If you prefer cycling, the Coll de Sóller is a challenge that you must face in this town. If you don't dare, you can check out more cycling routes here.

  • Restaurants. Sóller offers a wide range of restaurants that offer both, local and international dishes. Luna 36, located on the main street, and Ca’n Blau, part of the luxurious Gran Hotel, are one of the best places to savor Mediterranean cuisine in Sóller. However, if you want to taste "new Balearic cuisine" with wonderful views of the Deià coast, head to Bens d’Avall, located on the Sóller-Deià road.


Living in Soller

Being able to eat the best oranges in the world is not the only advantage of living in Sóller. The mountains, the beautiful fertile valley and the peace and quiet on this side of the tunnel create a unique atmosphere that is very different from the rest of the island. But this unique atmosphere is not only influenced by its nature, but also by its multicultural community made up of international residents, Sollerics and other Spaniards. All of them enjoy a secluded life, a Mediterranean style and a gastronomy rich in local products, only half an hour away from the capital and international schools in Soller. Find out how to get there.

How to get there?

Since the well-known Sóller tunnel was inaugurated, getting to Sóller is easy, comfortable and fast. And since 2017, it's also free!

  • By car: it will only take about 30 minutes to get from Palma to Soller and about 35 to the airport. Heading in the other direction, you can reach Puerto de Sóller in 12 minutes and Deià in 20.
  • Public transport. The bus that will take you from the Palma Intermodal Station to Sóller is the Tib204, towards Port de Sóller, leaving every hour, approximately.
  • “Train of Soller”(traditional train from Soller). Another alternative to do the Sóller - Palma route (or vice versa) are the 27 kilometres with the traditional railway through the mountains. It is the longest option, but the one with the best views.

Real estate in Sóller

If you have always dreamed of a traditional stone house, idyllically situated in the mountains but close to the city, Sóller is your place.

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