Port de Soller: A paradise between sea and mountains

Port de Soller is a small, picturesque fishing village where you can experience diversity in all its senses and enjoy its colours in harmony: the blue of the sea and the sky, the green of the vegetation and mountains and the brown of the stone houses and the historic tram. Discover all you need to know about this charming village.


History and culture of Port de Soller

Separated from the rest of Mallorca by the Tramuntana mountains, this small coastal town is the largest natural harbour on the north coast and is situated about two kilometres from Soller. A decisive location for its history.

The first historical traces of Port de Soller date back to 1561, when the Turkish and Algerian pirate fleets landed on the beach of Soller. It was a battle in which the Sollerics defeated the pirates and which they commemorate and relive every year in the traditional festival of Es Firo.

However, it was not until the 18th century that Port de Soller acquired real prosperity thanks to the export of citrus fruits. Thereby, this small port became a great strategic point between Mallorca and the rest of the European continent with a large influx of merchandise and passenger ships.

Other key elements in the history of the town that made it possible to connect Port de Soller and Soller with the rest of the island were: the Soller train, in operation since 1912, the port tramway inaugurated in 1913 and the Soller tunnel, active since 1997 and free of charge since 2017.

However, the location of Port de Soller not only influenced its historical events. It also helped to protect the town from excessive tourist development. Thanks to this, Port de Soller still retains its charm and natural beauty today.

Attractions in Port de Soller

The combination of its imposing mountains, its green hills, its large bay and its protected harbour, make the landscape surrounding Port de Soller postcard perfect. It is an idyllic place where it is easy to fall in love just walking in front of the sea or enjoying a sunset. Yet there is more to discover. Venture into the port and discover in detail the main attractions of this magical enclave.

  • The tram. Since 1913 it has connected Soller with Port de Soller. Although years ago, it also carried goods, nowadays it only transports passengers. The cost of the journey from the village to the port is 7€ and the timetable depends on the time of year. It is undoubtedly the best way to get to the port.

  • Beaches. There are only two beaches in Port de Soller, perfect for taking a dip to escape the sweltering summer heat. The beach Des Traves is the closest to the port and runs along the main promenade. The beach D'en Repic is located on the far left of the port. There is a wide range of water sports on offer, as well as boat trips. We recommend the ferry to Sa Calobra and Cala Tuent - not to be missed!

  • The Torre Picada. This is the old watchtower, built after the pirate attack of 1561. To get there, tie up your shoelaces and walk a short distance of about 3 kilometres. You'll be there in about 30 minutes and believe us, the beautiful views across the bay are worth it.

  • Lighthouses. Situated one on each side of the bay, the two lighthouses of Port de Soller have been illuminating navigators since 1859 and 1864, respectively. The first, the Faro des Capgros lighthouse, is 120 metres above sea level and can be reached from the end of the beach D'en Repic, along the Faro road. The Punta de Sa Creu lighthouse, on the other hand, is 35 metres above sea level and located on the other side of the port. This lighthouse is not accessible, but you may visit the Museum of the Sea and the viewpoint right next to it. Undoubtedly the two best places in the harbour from which to watch the sunset.

  • Hermitage of Santa Catalina. A stroll will take you to the upper part of the town, where the hermitage of Santa Catalina is located. This 13th century hermitage was rebuilt in 1550 after an attack and for a long time became one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the Soller Valley. But the beauty of the place also has to do with its spectacular viewpoint. Standing or sitting you can observe the magic of the Mediterranean and feel its breeze: an incomparable sensation in a unique place.


Where to eat in Port de Soller

Port de Soller attracts visitors not only for its beautiful scenery and famous attractions such as the tram. It is also famous for its wide variety of waterfront gastronomy. Here are some of the best restaurants in the area:

  • Neni. Located on the terrace of the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel, this restaurant offers a different kind of dining experience: a menu inspired by modern Israeli cuisine and wonderful views of the bay that will captivate you from the very first moment.

  • Sa Barca. German-owned, Sa Barca is the ideal place to sample fresh seafood and fish, especially the seasonal llampuga and the famous Soller prawns. Its incredible sea views will not leave you indifferent.

  • Agapanto is a truly wonderful place for all the senses. Here you can savour the original Mediterranean-Majorcan cuisine, while enjoying a romantic atmosphere, live music and breath-taking views of the sea and the Tramuntana mountains. A highly recommended place for lunches, dinners or special celebrations.

  • Es Fanals and Cap Roig are the two restaurants at the five-star Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa, overseen by award-winning Spanish chef Javier Soriano. Both feature Mediterranean cuisine, locally sourced ingredients and stunning views. Ideal for dining as you watch the sun melt between the sea and the Tramuntana mountains.

  • Randemar. Looking for a place with history? This restaurant has been in the same place for more than two decades and has recently been refurbished. Here you can enjoy excellent Mediterranean food with wonderful seafront views. However, due to its popularity, it is advisable to book in advance!

Main events

Among the streets of Port de Soller, a series of events are held that pay homage to the history of the town, the sailors and fishermen and classical music.

  • Es Firo. It is more than just an event. It is a major reference point in Soller, Port de Soller and Mallorca. It is a re-enactment of the battle of the Moors and Christians in 1561 and is held on the second Monday in May. Undoubtedly, a very special, passionate and noisy festival that should not be missed if you are in Mallorca at this time of year.

  • San Pedro. At the end of June, the festivities of the patron of fishermen, Saint Peter, are held. The Sollerics have great respect for Saint Peter and celebrate it with activities, workshops, competitions, concerts and the mythical procession. A great summer event to enjoy with the whole family.

  • Mare de Deu del Carme. In mid-July there is a magical night in Port de Soller. In honour of the patron of sailors and fishermen, the people of Soller celebrate a night mass in the town's church. Once the mass is over, they take the virgin Mary out to sea where she sails in procession along with other boats. This is a spectacular moment: the town is left in darkness as the flares light up the bay.

  • Classical Music Festival. Between the months of September and October, this festival takes place in the chapel of Santa Catalina, with great international performers such as the Vincent Trio of the Berlin Philharmonic, Evelina Dobraceva and Tomasz Tomaszewski. A magical event in an enchanting setting. Un evento mágico en un escenario encantador.


Transport and distance

Although it is on the other side of the Tramuntana, this natural paradise is more accessible than ever. Take a look at how to get here and the main distances.


  • Train and tram. The best way to get to the Port of Soller is by train and tram. The train journey from Palma to Sóller takes approximately one hour, while the tram journey from Soller to Port de Soller takes less than half an hour. You can check prices and timetables here (link to the official Tren de Soller website). Don't miss the pleasant route and the incredible views of the Tramuntana mountains.

  • Bus. To get from Palma to Port de Soller by bus, take the L204 bus line. You will arrive at Port de Soller in 45 minutes, after several stops in different villages.

  • Taxi. This is the most convenient way if you are on a tight schedule. From Palma you will reach Port de Soller in 40 minutes and the fare may cost you approximately 30 or 40 euros.

  • Car. If you drive from Palma through the Soller tunnel, you will reach the port in just 40 minutes, and you can leave your car in one of the various public car parks. However, if you leave your car in the street, watch out for the blue zone!

Distances by car:
40 minutes from Palma city centre
35 minutes from the airport
20 minutes to Joan March Hospital
30 - 40 minutes to the international schools
10 minutes to Soller


Real estate offer in Port de Soller

Surrounded by sea and mountains and somewhat isolated from the rest of the island, it is not surprising that Port de Soller has become one of the most sought-after residential areas. Moreover, in recent years it has undergone positive transformations that have added even more value to its properties.

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