Esporles: A village with its own personality in the Tramuntana mountains

In the interior of the Tramuntana mountain’s, an area declared a World Heritage Site, you will find one of the most peaceful places in Mallorca: the village of Esporles. A rural setting with a welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy nature, sport, social life and much more. Don't miss all the details in this small guide.

Another way to discover the history of Esporles

Esporles was developed in the 12th century by the Christians. However, it has a strong Muslim influence.

To learn first-hand about the history of the village and the coexistence of both cultures, we suggest you follow the route of approximately one hour, which starts at the Badaluc Bridge and ends at the well-known Town Hall square.

Let's get started! Head towards the famous Badaluc Bridge, located over the Torrent d'Esporles and start the route. Once there, start walking towards the centre of the village, where you will find the large church of San Pedro. If you continue walking along the main street, you will come across the oldest preserved building: the Rectory. And, continuing along the route, you can observe the contrast between the oldest and most significant neighbourhoods of Esporles: Vila Vella and Vila Nova.

Further on, on the Joan Riutort promenade, you will appreciate the industrial development that the town underwent. The great social changes are reflected, in particular, in the Casa del Pueblo and the Escuelas Viejas (old schools).

To end the route, head towards the Town Hall square, a symbol of equality for which the people of Esporles fought and which still represents a special place for them today.

Now that you know the history, discover the great personality of the village, its wide range of leisure options without mass tourism that make Esporles the ideal village to live in peace and quietness.


What to visit in Esporles

To get to know the essence and traditions of Esporles, both agricultural and social, you cannot miss the following places:

  • The centre of Esporles: Let yourself be carried away by the urban surroundings, walk through the charming narrow streets and admire the stone architecture so characteristic of the area. Among others, don't miss the Town Hall Square, the sculpture La Filadora (a tribute to the local textile industry) or the Church of San Pedro.

  • Sa Granja: a magnificent 17th century mansion hidden just a few minutes from the centre of Esporles. Get to know the lifestyle of another era by touring the majestic interior of this museum and falling in love with its fantastic garden. To end your visit, enjoy the delicious Mallorcan dishes in the restaurant!

  • Son Tries recreational area: the ideal place to connect with nature and enjoy a full day outdoors. In this beautiful area you can enter a wonderful forest, prepare a barbecue or entertain the little ones in the children's playground. Moreover, the area is easy to access; there is a car park and it is only a few minutes from the centre of Esporles.


Excursions and activities in Esporles

In spite of being a small village, Esporles offers different options for entertainment, sports and even visits to wineries:

  • Hiking: Venture through the most hidden paths of the village. On the Font Serrá mountain you can follow the route to La Ermita de Maristella, where spectacular views of the mountains and the bay are guaranteed. Without a doubt, one of the best routes in Esporles!

  • Cycling: Are you a lover of sport on two wheels? Prepare your next cycling route from Esporles to Claret, passing through the Port of Valldemossa. You will appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes of Mallorca and experience an unforgettable adventure.

  • Winemaking: Witnessing the charm of the Es Verger winery and tasting its organic wines in an intimate atmosphere is a most enriching experience. And it's not just wine. In this bodega you can also discover one of the best extra virgin olive oils on the island.


Gastronomic variety in Esporles

If you like to enjoy good food with your loved ones, don't worry. Esporles has something for everyone. At Mesón La Villa you can enjoy the best Castilian roasts, prepared in the traditional wood-fired oven with fresh, quality products. A real pleasure for your senses.

If you prefer to savour modern Mediterranean dishes, the Quay Restaurant is the best option in this case. An explosion of flavours awaits you here, achieved through the use of healthy and local products.

Deciding to opt for the take-away option? Make a stop at the Tot Casolà restaurant; one of the most popular restaurants among locals, famous for offering a wide variety of homemade dishes.

Main events in Esporles

  • Weekly market: Every Saturday from 9am to 1pm, in the Passeig del Rei, you can enjoy the local market, where you will find a variety of artisan and regional products. You can also enjoy the large terraces of the bars and cafés which, when combined with the market, create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

  • Fira Dolça: Ready to be tempted? The first weekend in October is a fair full of sweetness and filled with ensaimadas, cocas, crespells and more. You can learn the best-kept secrets of Mallorcan pastry-making, enjoy the dimonis dances or take part in craft competitions with the little ones.


How to get to Esporles

One of the advantages of Esporles is how close it is to Palma. Only 20 km away you can enjoy all the attractions that this wonderful village has to offer.

  • By car: You can reach Esporles in just 25 minutes from Palma on the MA-1040 road. You can also take the road to Valldemossa (MA-1110) and exit on the MA-1120. And if you plan to go to the coast, Port des Canonge is just 18 minutes away.

  • Bus: Leaving from the Intermodal Station, the TIB 202 bus line will take you to Esporles in 25 minutes. And don't worry, there is a bus every 45 minutes!

Living in Esporles

Would you like to start a new life in Mallorca? Esporles offers you the peace and quietness you need, without renouncing its comforts.

In addition to its main attractions, in this mountain village you can find everything from small shops with fresh products to herbalist's shops and organic shops such as S'Arbocar and Es Torrent. There are even two traditional bakeries: Ca Sa Camena and Ca'n Oliveret. What a privilege to be able to count on fresh products every day!

For the little ones, Esporles has several local schools and is just a few kilometres from Escola Global, one of the most highly recommended international schools in Mallorca.

And if that wasn't enough... this beautiful place is located close to stunning villages such as Banyalbufar, Valldemossa or Puigpunyent.

Living in Esporles has become your dream? Living Blue Mallorca will help you to make it come true. Contact us and we will find your ideal home!

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