Bunyola: natural beauty, tradition and adventure

Bunyola is one of the most charming mountain municipalities on the island where nature, sport, tradition and culture coexist. It is located at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range - declared a World Heritage Site - and is the perfect place to escape from the city and lose yourself in its marvellous natural surroundings. And all this, without going far from the capital!


Bunyola's history dates back to prehistoric times, a period to which the first fossils of the native species Myotragus Baleàricus found in the municipality belong. The remains of a Talayotic construction on the Comasemuna estate and archaeological fragments in Son Palou, Es Punjol and s'Alqueria Blanca also date from this period.

As for the Roman period, mine lights were found in the Galena de Son Reus mine, known as Sa Mina des Moros. During the Islamic period, Bunyola belonged to the juz' de Bunyula-Musu along with Esporlas, Valldemossa, Deià and part of Banyalbunfar.

Until, between 1229 and 1231, Mallorca was conquered by King James I of Aragon and the Book of Distribution of Mallorca was established. Thanks to this, several settlements were established that gave rise to farmhouses such as Alfàbia, Beniatzar, Beniforani, Raixa and Lluch.

During the Catalan conquest, the lands of Bunyola passed to Count Nunyo Sanç and then returned to the Royal House until the death of King Jaume III in 1349.

Finally, in the 14th century, the patronage of Bunyola passed to the current patron saint, San Mateo, whose feast day is one of the most important in the village and is celebrated every year with a great sense of community.


There is no better way to disconnect and discover the real Bunyola than strolling through its streets and natural landscapes. Don't miss the must-sees of this magical village:

  • The square: a place full of life in the centre of the village. As well as visiting the Bunyola Town Hall and the Church of San Mateo, you can appreciate its charming atmosphere while having an aperitif in one of its bars and restaurants.

  • Pujadors de Bunyola: They are located in the upper part of the village, specifically in Orient street. They are stone steps, converted into Cultural Heritage, perfect for strolling and enjoying the incredible views over the village and its rooftops.

Leaving the central nucleus of Bunyola, you will find these two impressive gardens that will leave you in awe:

  • The Alfàbia Gardens: Wonderful gardens and a house full of historical elements with Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Moreover, they were visited by illustrious personalities such as Isabel II... You can visit them every day, they will surprise you on the outside and captivate you on the inside!

  • Raixa Estate: Discover the cultural richness of the Raixa estate and enjoy a dreamlike experience by strolling through its gardens. It is also a good opportunity to find out what life was like centuries ago by going inside this beautiful estate.



Bunyola also has a lot to offer in its surroundings. These are some of the areas where you can enjoy unforgettable experiences:

  • Orient. This is one of the most charming mountain villages in the north of Bunyola. Step by step discover its most important pillars such as: the Church of Sant Jordi, the old school, the public washing places... Especially, tie up your trainers and go on a short 25-minute excursion to one of its great natural jewels: El Salt des Freu located in the Coanegra torrent, a perfect place for canyoning.

  • Palmanyola. A town halfway between Palma and Bunyola, from which it gets its name: Palmanyola. In this charming residential area you can stop at the famous finca of Son Amar for a real show and an excellent dinner. Enjoy live music, acrobatics, dancing, special effects and spectacular scenery!

  • Sa Comuna de Bunyola. The emblematic Sa Comuna estate is the best place for all kinds of sports, as its forest is one of the largest on the island. Here the activities are endless: a family picnic in the recreational area, a good excursion following the route of the Peñón de Honor or the Circular Route of Sa Comuna, an ethnological itinerary with lime kilns and charcoal burners' huts, you can even stay in a beautiful refuge. Come along with the complete package for a day in the heart of nature!



Thanks to its proximity to the Tramuntana mountain range, Bunyola is the best setting for sports and nature lovers. Its paths, mountains, forests, valleys... leave natural landscapes worthy of admiration.

  • Hiking: Experience its natural atmosphere among holm oaks and olive trees with the route that leads to the Puig de s'Alqueria (Sa Gúbia). Don't forget to stop at the viewpoint to contemplate the views of the marvellous mountain range. Other excursions not to be missed are those mentioned in Orient and Sa Comuna.

  • Cycling: Take your bike and visit some of Mallorca's most beautiful villages with the Bunyola-Sóller-Deià-Valldemossa-Bunyola cycle route. And if you prefer more intense adventures, take on the Extreme Circuit on the mountain trails.

  • Climbing: Be one of the lucky ones to climb the fantastic Tramuntana mountain range. At the Peñon de Ca'n Fil and Sa Gúbia there are different routes and levels. Another option is to climb one of the most attractive corners of Mallorca; Fraguels. These last two are considered regulated areas, find all the information here.

And not only that... You can also practice other types of sports: play golf at the Son Termes golf course or go horse riding at the different riding clubs in the municipality, such as Son Molina and La Gubía.



Bunyola reflects an idyllic village full of calm, but there is also a place for traditional festivals where the most deeply-rooted Mallorcan customs are revived. If you happen to be on the island on the following dates, don't miss them!

  • Patron Saint's Day of San Mateo: 21 September. Mark this date on your calendar to celebrate the festivities of the patron saint of Bunyola. For a week there are all kinds of events that fill the streets of the town, such as: exhibitions, children's activities, concerts, open-air dances... Even a race in your underwear!

  • Quarteró Festival. In the last week of January, the Quarteró festival is organised to commemorate the fact that the masters used to invite the harvesters to a meal to celebrate the end of the harvest season. A perfect occasion to explore the authentic flavours of Mallorca accompanied by the music and dance of the xeremiers. Each year it takes place on a different estate in Bunyola.

  • Weekly market, a very important event for Bunyolins. It takes place every Wednesday and Saturday from 7:00 to 13:30. Here you can buy all kinds of local and zero kilometre products such as; fruit, vegetables, crafts, clothes... Always supporting sustainability, small traditional commerce and local production.


Another strong point of this municipality is its gastronomy. Taste the original Mallorcan flavour and local cuisine in the bars and restaurants of Bunyola.

Some of the most famous places to sit on the terrace and enjoy the atmosphere of the village are Bar Central, Bar Sa Plaza or Café Ca S'Espardanyer, all of them with a rich menu of Mediterranean cuisine. Another option is to enjoy a good pa amb oli at Bar Paris. And if you prefer Italian food, don't miss Pizzeria Tramuntana.

Don't leave Bunyola without trying the traditional beer from Fábrica Juntos, brewed on site, and where you can even have your own personalised draft. Please contact them for any queries or reservations.


If you are looking for a rural setting to enjoy the natural landscapes, but at the same time you don't want to go too far from the city, head for Bunyola. Only 23 km from Palma and with good public transport connections.

  • By car. This is the quickest and most comfortable way to get there. Via the Ma-11, it is only 25 minutes from the centre of Palma.

  • Bus. You can take line 205 from the Intermodal Station to Bunyola. The journey takes about 27 minutes and you can find the timetables here.

  • Train from Sóller. You also have the option of reaching Bunyola by travelling through the Tramuntana mountain range on a vintage railway: the Tren de Sóller. From Palma, you can stop at Bunyola station or continue on to Sóller. This is undoubtedly the most adventurous option. Consult timetables and fares here.



Bunyola is captivating for the quality of life it offers to all its residents and for being an oasis of nature close to the city. Here you will find the calm and tranquillity of a village and, just a few kilometres away, the cosmopolitan life of the city.

In addition to the typical village shops, Bunyola has the Agromart supermarket with local products that supports the island's farmers. It also has a variety of organic products at the herbalist Herbes i Paraules and various holistic treatments at the Esencia Ohana and the Escuela de Masajes Tradicionales that contribute to your wellbeing and health.

If you too have been amazed by the great natural charm of this municipality and are thinking of starting your new life here, Living Blue can help you. We have a wide variety of fincas, villas, plots and houses for sale in Bunyola, Orient and Palmanyola, and we also have a personalised search service. Contact us and we will find your ideal home!

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